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3.22.14 >> NEWWedding Peach

3.22.14 >> NEWIdol Mars

3.22.14 >> NEWEternal Sailor Mars

1.24.13 >> NEW Costume Page & Photo’s- Chun Li!

7.21.12 >> NEW Costume Page & Photo’s- Sophitia Alexandra!

Welcome to Eternal Daydream! This is my place to showcase my work as a cosplayer, artist, as well as reports and press coverage of the events I attend!

Make sure you check out my Costumes page which includes information, pictures, and sometimes videos within the individual costume pages. The Press-Events page is dedicated to performances i have been apart of, and the Printed Media page is dedicated to magazines, books, etc. that i have also appeared in!

-Daydreamer Nessa